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Williamabord  问:   2019-03-10 07:35Music for DJs 2019
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BoostYourNetwork  问:   2019-03-26 20:05Influencer Marketing for your Business
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Williamendus  问:   2019-03-27 04:50Save costs on Development
详细内容:   I was trying to reach your CEO and CTO or Teach lead. We already worked with few companies in your space. We are a developer-founded, developer-run firm, specialized in dedicated software teams. Our value: 1. Hire top developers at a very competitive price ($25/h-$40/h). 2. In 72 hours, you can find engineers for your tech stack. 3. A huge global pool of diverse developers. 4. Fixed budgeting based on the initial planning so that you would not go over the budget. 5. Full time, remote extension of your team. Before assigning the developers, we always provide our clients with resumes, references, and also we organize interviews so that you would be certain about who you are hiring. We offer 2-weeks trial (pay only if satisfied) You can find more about our company by visiting our website: https://pivotalscale.com or book a meeting with us at https://calendly.com/developmentservices
DavidHoade  问:   2019-03-28 04:54Business Proposal
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